Design Guidelines

Design Guidelines would help the Blanco Historic Preservation Commission (BHPC) with renovation/construction requests in the downtown historic district, which encompasses the 9 blocks that make up the square.

The Design Guidelines are also an architectural history of the City of Blanco. The guidelines can be used as suggestions for how to add to or change a house.

The BHPC presented the final draft of the Blanco Design Guidelines during the September 13, 2011 City Council Meeting. The council may meet for a workshop to discuss any changes before the guidelines are adopted.

Blanco Design Guidelines The document is also available at City Hall.
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Sue Ann Pemberton of Main Street Architects created this final draft of the Blanco Design Guidelines on September 13, 2011. She has been working on reorganizing the document to make it more user-friendly and easier to find guidelines for a specific type of property. Her company has added historic photos to accompany contemporary photos to show features of historic buildings that are no longer there.

Main Street Architects has contracted with the City of Blanco to develop Design Guidelines for the city. The project is being funded by a Certified Local Government Grant and the City of Blanco and is scheduled to be completed later this year. This is a project of the Blanco Historic Preservation Action Plan and will give Blanco a guide for future growth as well as rehabilitation of existing structures.

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